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Earth Dance Landscape Maintenance is a premier full service landscaping company serving the East Bay since 1986.  We provide complete landscape and maintenance service as well as clean ups and renovations for residential and commercial properties.  Our maintenance services include mowing, weeding, mulching, fertilizing, plus:

  • Drought Resistant Planting
  • Aesthetic Seasonal Pruning
  • Drip Irrigation Repair
  • Organic Soil & Pest Solutions         
Sustainable, healthy and aesthetically pleasing gardens are our goal.  We achieve sustainable landscapes by utilizing proper soil management and plant selection, seasonal aesthetic pruning and an efficient irrigation system all tailored to the specific needs of your garden.

Earth Dance Landscape Maintenance is licensed and bonded. We offer a wealth of experience and expertise at reasonable prices.

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Drought Resistant Planting*Aesthetic Pruning*Drip Irrigation Repair
*Organic Soil & Pest Solutions

Fall Gardening Tips
1.  Plant Lawns--sow grass seed or lay sod.  I recommend planting dwarf fescue sod.  Fall is the best time to install sod lawns because grass roots have an easier time getting established during cooler weather.  Pick up sod in the morning or have it delivered and be able to install that day.

2.  Plant Trees and Shrubs--cooler weather establishes strong roots over the winter with the help of winter rains.

3.  Plant Perrenials--especially natives and fall blooming sages and penstemon with deep blue, bright red and purple flowers make hummingbirds happy.

4.  Plant Winter Annuals--cool season annuals such as Iceland and Shirley poppies, pansies and violas, calendulas, sweet peas, stock and snapdragons.  Chrysanthemums make great container plants.  Consider the shade loving annuals such as primrose, primulas and cylamens.  Sow seeds of wildflowers when the rains come.  Always add fresh planting mix and an  organic fertilizer.

5.  Plant Bulbs for Spring Bloom in October/November--choose daffodils, freesias, crocus, and muscari if you want them the naturalize and return year after year.  Place them in a sunny spot and one that does not get a lot of summer water.

  • Prepare Soil for Planting--Dig in 6-8" of aged compost or plant in raised beds or berms.
  • Fertilize Roses--for one last flush/bloom make sure the soil is moist before fertilizing and then water well.  My roses are blooming for the 3rd time this year!  They require significant maintenance but it is so rewarding in our hot climate.
  • De-thatch Lawns--it improves water penetration and eliminates insect habitation.  Apply a complete organic fertilizer.
  • Water--during the warm September/October days, containers may need water every other day.  Winds can dry plants out even if the days are slightly cooler.  Continue to deep water lawns until the rains come.  Irrigate deciduous trees and shrubs after leaf drop.
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